How to deal with challenges

Smaller Issues: Easily Solvable
  • For these types of issues, let us know about the problem right away
  • For example, if you are paid on Tuesdays and it's Wednesday but you haven't been paid yet, tell us right away
  • Another example could be not having a set schedule or not sticking to the schedule in the contract/agreement 
    • ​We will either politely remind your host family to take care of it or
    • Help coach you in how to bring it up
      • Either way: we'll make a plan together
  • If any issues like this persist, we can have a mediation session to talk about the issue
  • If a mediation session doesn't fix it, we can work out other options
  • If you're not sure if something is an issue, refer to the contract/agreement
    • If it's breaking the contract​/agreement, let us know about the problem right away
  • If it's not in the contract/agreement, but you're uncomfortable anyway, just talk to Rome Abroad's Managing Director and we will figure it out together
Be Open to Constructive Feedback
  • Recognize that problems are rarely 100% the fault of one party
  • Ask yourself "what could I be doing better?"
  • Ask your host mom what you can do to improve and make some personal goals accordingly
Large Issues
  • For these types of issues, let us know about the problem right away
  • For example, any attempts of illegal activity, inappropriate behavior, or abuse
  • We will get you to a safe place (see the emergency hostels list we emailed you) and get you with a new host family​ as soon as possible
Before You Terminate the Program
  • If you decide to end your program before your intended departure date, there are some consequences

  • Understand these consequences before you make a decision

    • Consequences for quitting the program early are explained in your signed agreement and our Terms and Conditions which you agreed to upon applying to the program

    • These consequences may include:

      • Cancellation fees​ ($150 per week cancelled)

      • Loss of Certificate of Completion

      • Loss of future reference and letter of recommendation

      • ​The need to provide a doctor's note (if you are going home for health reasons)


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