Your Timeline

You've been accepted to the Rome Abroad program — now what?
First Things First
You'll have this timeline in your email, but here it is for reference:
  1. Text a photo of your valid ID to Rome Abroad on WhatsApp

  2. Make sure you have a profile picture on WhatsApp 

  3. Turn on WhatsApp notifications 

  4. Apply for a passport if you don't have one

  5. Start your visa application

  6. Sign your letter of intent & additional info* (emailed to you)

  7. Read all the Training Materials & take the quiz

  8. Email us when you've passed the training quiz 

  9. We'll send you family profiles on WhatsApp/email

  10. Let us know whom you'd like to meet

  11. Meet your host family via video call

  12. Get to know them better through calls, texts, and video chats

  13. Sign the agreements

  14. Have your healthcare provider sign a medical certificate, certifying you are in good health (Download our PDF to print and take to their office!)

  15. Sign your background check (we'll email it to you) to certify you have a clean criminal record

  16. Make payment (we'll send an invoice, but Venmo is always fine!)

  17. Keep fostering your relationship with your host family

  18. Book your flight OR let us know that you'd like the premium package 90+ days before your departure

  19. Book a departure meeting at least 30 days before you leave 

  20. Introduce yourself in the group chat to make friends and travel plans

Timing Matters
  • Be sure to sign the family agreement BEFORE you book your flight! 
  • The program fee is due before you leave to live with your host family
  • We can set up your payment plan early so you can start whenever you'd like
  • If you pay the program fee after you leave, there are late fees (see our Terms and Conditions)
*Tips For Your Letter to the Host Family
  • Use a spell check!
  • Tell them about yourself, where you're from
  • Describe your family, friends, pets, 
  • Tell them about your hobbies and interests, any special skills, passions or talents you have
  • Your interests in sports, music, books, movies, etc.
  • Describe what kind of work you've done or are currently doing
  • Tell them about what you're currently studying or what you studied in school
  • Give lots of details about your childcare experience (kids' ages, duration, and type of care)
  • Talk about your plans for the future
  • Explain your motivation for wanting to live abroad! 
Do Your Research With Great Resources!

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