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Give your

kids the priceless gift of a cultural exchange

Do you want to help your children become more well rounded, 
creative and educated? Scientific studies show that learning a second language helps cognitive skills, improves the ability to solve problems, and increases creativity and memory.
In addition, those children who are exposed to other cultures early in life tend to be more well-rounded, open minded, and aware of their own culture than those who are not. 
Although many children study English and learn about other cultures at school, they lack essential real-life experience with a native speaker. Starting early in childhood is a great way to excel in a new language or cultural awareness. However, private teachers can be expensive and take time.
You can give your children the opportunity to learn English in a unique and effective way. You can give them the invaluable gift of fluently speaking English and/or learning about another culture. We at Rome Abroad offer a to do this at an affordable price.
Don't worry: it's all possible. Just answer a simple question.
Then we can help!
Our young candidates are responsible, young adults who have a wealth of childcare experience, a passion for traveling and a desire to  experience a new culture. 
We interview each and every candidate, check their childcare references, as well as their medical history to ensure that they are safe and reliable with children. (We also provide you with peace of mind by running background checks upon request.)
We let you meet the au pair before you pay anything so you can ensure their personality fits the needs of your family in the best possible way.
If you have any questions, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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