It's time to celebrate...and the Chinese know how

Most-Celebrated Holidays in China
  • Chinese New Year
    • ​1st day in 1st lunar month, usually in January or February
    • This is the grandest traditional festival in China and the longest public holiday
    • Typical festivities: annual family reunion, eating dumplings, setting off fireworks
  • Lantern Festival
    • 15th day in 1st lunar month, usually in February
    • Typical festivities: watching the lanterns, eating rice dumplings, guessing lantern riddles
  • Qingming Festival (aka Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb-Sweeping Day)
    • April 4th or 5th
    • Typical activities: visiting ancestors' tombs, having a spring outing
  • Dragon Boat Festival​
    • ​5th day in 5th lunar month, usually in June
    • This holiday commemorates Qu Yuan (340-278 BC), an ancient Chinese poet
    • Typical festivities: eating Zongzi, having dragon boat races
  • Double Seventh​
    • 7th day in 7th lunar month, usually in August
    • This is China’s Valentine’s Day
  • Mid-Autumn Day
    • 15th day in 8th lunar month, usually in September
    • Typical festivities: family reunion, appreciating the full moon, eating moon cakes
  • National Day​
    • October 1st
    • Typical festivities: military parade and celebration on the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, 
    • October 1 - 7 is a nationwide traveling peak known as the 'Golden Week'
Other Holidays​​
  • ​In addition to the above, Chinese people celebrate these holidays (some people have a half day off)
  • Women's Day
  • Youth Day
  • Children's Day
  • Army Day


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