How to use this important app

What Is WeChat?
  • Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment app
  • One of the world's biggest apps, billions of users
  • you

What We Use WeChat For
  • When you need to communicate with Rome Abroad, use WeChat (email is fine too)
  • Introducing you to your host family
  • Group chat for everyone in the Rome Abroad program
  • Making weekend trip plans with other Rome Abroad Travelers
  • Keeping in touch with your host family
  • TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS so you can keep responses timely

Important Benefits of WeChat
  • Message friends and family for free
  • WeChat uses WiFi (or data if WiFi isn't available) to send messages and make calls
  • You can create group chats for specific weekend trips, or just for people in your city
  • Really great way to make friends and network

WhatsApp Features
  • Texts

  • Vocal messages

  • Video calls

  • Broadcast messaging

  • Location sharing

  • WeChat Pay

    • To use this, you need to be in China and set up a Chinese bank account​

    • You can set it up once you have your Chinese debit card

    • Can be used to:

      • Pay for things in stores

      • Order goods and services​

      • Transfer money to other WeChat users

  • Group Chats

    • Group chats can have up to 500 people

    • You can name group chats

  • See when your messages have been delivered
  • Share photos and videos 
  • You can also send PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and more (up to 100 MB)
  • Check out the features online

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