Weekly Check In

How to keep in touch

Why the Check In?

  • Helps Rome Abroad stay in touch and know if everything is going well
  • It's part of the program and is included in contract/agreement you sign

What's in the Check in? 

  • Here's the weekly check in.
    • You report on pay, food, and hours
    • This helps us ensure you're treated fairly
    • You'll upload a picture
    • You'll confirm that you've made your social media post for that week
      • ​This means you've posted a picture on Instagram tagging Rome Abroad with the Facebook option turned on​​​

Social Media Posts

  • ​Each week, you'll post 1 (more is fine) photo on Instagram

  • Tag Rome Abroad in the photo (in the caption is fine too, but at least in the photo)

  • Have the Facebook option turned on​​​

When to Complete the Check in and Social Media Post? 

  • Deadline: Monday at midnight of your country
  • It's okay if you do it before then, just make sure it's at least once per week before each Monday at midnight
  • Those staying longer than 3 months can do the social media posts every other week as soon as they hit 3 months 
  • If you have any issues at all in these terms, let Rome Abroad's Managing Director know (we will work with you!)

Blog Post or Vlog Post

  • Once during your stay, you can choose between a blog and a vlog post
    • Blog post = 800 words (about 1 page)
      • We'll work together on the topic — some ideas could be "10 Packing Tips for Europe," "What I Learned in 3 months in France," "The 5 Unsung Best Cities of France"
    • Vlog = 10 minutes of video
  • This helps other people understand what the program is like

  • It's a good way to reflect on your growth

  • Parents can read about what you've learned



  • By completing all of the required weekly check ins, you ensure you're on track to receive:
    • Full support in case we need to intervene or remind your host family of the terms
    • Your Certificate of Completion (can be added to LinkedIn and you can add it to your resume as well)
    • Professional Reference - Rome Abroad will be willing to be listed as a reference for future employment opportunities or other endeavors
    • Letter of Recommendation - Available upon request for future employment opportunities or other endeavors


  • Be proactive and responsible and do it without being reminded :) 

  • By not completing the weekly check in, you forfeit the benefits listed above​
  • By skipping it or forgetting, you are communicating that you need to be micromanaged
  • We send out a reminder each Monday 
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