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General Ideas
  • It doesn't always matter to get to your final destination right away
  • Once you're in Europe, it's very affordable to get little ​flights to and from main cities
    • You'll save lots of money! 
    • You'll get to see something you didn't plan on
    • Keep in mind it might take more time to get to your final destination
      • But have an open mind and you'll have an adventure along the way!
    • Rule of Flexibility
      • The more of these factors you have, the cheaper deals you will see available
      • If you aren't willing to compromise on these factors, your airfare might be more
        • Less luggage (carry on or less)
        • Booking in advance (3-8 months)
        • Spend some time invested in searching for flights
        • Long travel time (getting from A to B) 
        • Flexible dates
Be flexible​​
  • Most people ​book flights in this order:
    • Pick destination
    • Pick their dates and then
    • See what prices come up
      • This usually results in high costs!
  • Do it backwards if you want a cheap flight to Europe/Asia/Australia:
    • See what cheap fares are available to the area in your general timeframe
      • Use the "flexible dates" search feature available on a lot of sites 
    • Figure out the small connections to get you to your final destination
      • Don't rule out trains/buses!
​When is the cheapest time to fly?
  • Cheapest time of year to fly:
    • January through mid-May
    • September through early December
  • Most expensive time to fly:
    • Peak summer (mid-June through mid-August)
    • Christmas/New Year’s

When should I book my flight?
  • When you see a great deal (after your contract is signed)
  • Domestic flights: 1-3 months in advance
  • International flights: 2-8 months in advance
    • If you’re planning to go in the summer, you can even book up to 9 months ahead
    • If you're going in the off season, you can book a little closer
  • Keep in mind that prices tend to increase about a month or two before departure​
  • Generally speaking, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the cheapest days to fly
  • Friday and Sunday are usually the most expensive days
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