City Holidays

It's time to celebrate...and Italians know how

City Holiday
  • Dates for city holidays depend on the city where you will be living with your host family
  • Each city has its own Saint’s day and it’s a big deal
  • Some examples:

    • Pisa - St. Ranieri
      Luminara celebrated June 17
      The whole city is filled with lighted candles and there's a firework show on the River Arno

    • Rome - St. Peter & St. Paul
      La Festa di San Pietro e Paolo celebrated June 29
      “Floral carpets,” are displayed outside St. Peter’s Square and there are fireworks at night

    • All over Italy - Carnivale
      Carnivale celebrated (especially on Fat Tuesday) ​before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday
      Huge winter festival (two weeks) complete with masks, parades, music and parties

    • Venice - The Redeemer
      Festa del Redentore celebrated July 15-16
      Firework display in St. Mark’s Square
  • Keep in mind:
    • Italy has quite a few holidays
    • Holidays can strike without warning
    • Festival dates are often not posted on websites until just before the event
      • They may be even be posted incorrectly
  • For more details ​on Italian holidays:
  • To get updates on local events: ​
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