Getting There

What to bring and how to master the airports
Average Temperatures for Italy
  • ​Italy is humid — prepare accordingly
  • Milan:
    • Spring - temperatures range from ​50 - 66 F
    • Summer - temperatures range from 73 - 77 F
    • Fall - temperatures range from 48 - 68 F
    • Winter - temperatures range from 37 - 39 F
  • Rome:
    • Spring - temperatures range from ​54 - 70 F
    • Summer - temperatures range from 73 - 75 F
    • Fall - temperatures range from 55 - 72 F
    • Winter - temperatures range from 46 - 55 F
Packing Tips
  • Most Italians hang dry their laundry so keep that in mind when packing clothes, consider clothes that don’t have to be washed frequently
  • Have clothes that mix and match well
  • ROLL your clothes! This allows you to fit more into a small suitcase
  • Keep one set of clothes and underclothes and toothbrush and toothpaste in your carry-on bag (you will thank us on your layovers!)
  • Remember that Italy is not a third-world country: if all else fails, pack less than you need and you will most likely be able to pick up anything you didn’t pack
  • Keep clothes that wrinkle easily on the top
  • Wear your heaviest clothing 
  • Keep in mind to wear shoes/jackets/belt that are easy to take off for airport security
  • Don’t wear a lot of jewelry or have a lot of change in your pockets for airport days
  • Weigh all your luggage prior to departure
What to Bring
  • A side bag that has a strap which goes around you / fanny pack
  • Kangaroo/inner wallet
  • Clothing (keep in mind you'll take care of your own laundry and hang dry it):
    • 7 shirts, some casual and 1 - 2 nice ones for going out to dinner
    • 3-4 pants
    • 8 underwear
    • 1-2 jackets
    • 1 scarf (if going September - May, keep in mind they have cool ones there as well)
    • 1 pair tennis shoes
    • 1 pair nice shoes (for dinners and going out)
  • Toiletries (tuck these into the corners of the suitcase, or inside shoes and wrap them in plastic so nothing gets ruined if they spill)
  • Travel-sized hand sanitizer
  • 1 or 2 books (most libraries have whole English sections which are very fun and interesting)
Suggested Luggage
  • 1 rolling check in bag (gold star if you do a carry on!), with maximum exterior dimension (length + width + height) of 62 inches and less than 50 lbs
  • 1 carry-on bag (small backpack or purse)
  • For your host family
    • It's polite and customary to bring a gift for your host family
    • Bring them something they can’t get in Italy.
    • Possible ideas:
      • A photo book of your state/America 
      • Maple syrup extract
      • Check out our shop page for more
  • For the kids
    • It's also nice to bring something for the kids
    • Possible ideas:
      • Chalk
      • Face cards
      • Other small games
      • A few easy-to-read books 
Airport Etiquette
  • Be prepared; have your itinerary, passport, ID, and wallet in a place easy to access
  • Exercise punctuality; be aware of time and arrive at least 2 hours early to the airport for international flights
  • If you have carry-on luggage, back lightly and compactly 
  • Weigh all your luggage prior to arrival
  • Wait in single file and have all documents ready before it’s your turn
  • Respect personal space and be aware of your luggage and feet
  • Be the composed person in line ready to help someone if they need it, rather than the person who is disorganized
  • Wait patiently
  • If you see a senior citizen, disabled person, or pregnant woman always offer them a chair before you sit down
  • Listen and follow instructions and speak kindly to others
  • Keep your belongings to a minimum
  • When going to the restroom, carry your belongings with you into the toilet
  • Wash your hands
  • Remember that you represent both America and Rome Abroad
  • Be mindful of people around you and where their hands and eyes are
  • Speak kindly and use the words "Please" and “Thank-you”
  • Don't be scared to ask for help — if you need help, ask airport personnel, especially at help desk
  • If you do miss your flight, or it gets cancelled, talk to someone in an airports uniform or someone at the closest help desk to get the latest information so that you can adjust your plans and let your host family/Rome Abroad know about the delay
  • Hydrate yourself with water regularly during the flight and take a walk every couple of hours
  • If you don’t have a key code on your phone, set one up
  • Carry only the cash you need; we suggest using an ATM once every few weeks for what you need
  • DON’T flash cash and be inconspicuous about where and how much money you are carrying

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