Planes, trains, and automobiles
  • Trains are a fantastic way to get around in Italy 
  • They are comfortable, they run on time, and provide a wonderful view of the Italian countryside
  • You may use these sites to get a general idea of cost and times for trains, but we highly recommend physically going to the station before you make plans
  • Oftentimes, the schedule online isn’t completely accurate and you’ll have more options if you go to the station
  • Use a kiosk whenever possible (it’s way faster and easier!)
  • Only wait in line if you absolutely have to do so
  • REMEMBER to stamp your ticket BEFORE you board the train at one of the yellow boxes, otherwise you will get a huge fine
  • Buses are another great way to get around town
  • If you're lucky and going in the off-season (September - May), they hopefully won't be too crowded 
  • Be aware that around rush hour (5-6 pm), they can get quite busy
  • Italians (and Europeans in general) walk everywhere!
  • Be sure you bring good walking shoes 
  • It’s a wonderful way to get around and get a feel for your city and Italy in general.
Other Methods of Travel: Rome 2 Rio
  • You may use this website for best ways to get from A to B, but be sure to double-check the bus and train schedules before you plan 
  • It’s a good way to see multiple methods of travel and compare cost, times, etc.
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