Basic Italian

Read Italian like a champ and master common phrases

Pronunciation Guide
a – long ah, like in “father” – mamma
e – like e in set, a in say – bello, sera
i – like ee in meet – amico
o – like o in open – sole
u – like oo in food – uno
Constants – Most are pronounced as they are in
English, except the following:
ci or ce – like church – ciao, cello, piacere
c – like c in car – come
gi or ge – like g in general – giorno, gelato
g – like goal – gatto, gusto
h – always silent – ho, hai, hotel
r – rolled like a Spanish r – treno
s between vowels – like a z sound in rose – casa, rosa
s – like sit – pasta
z starting a word – like ds in pads – zero, zucchini
z – ts in cats – grazie, stazione
ch – like the k in key – chiave
gh – like goal – spaghetti
gn – like ny in canyon – signora, gnocchi
gli – like lli in million – figlio
sci or sce – like shut – pesce, sciare
sc – like sk in skip – scusi
Common Phrases
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