Video Chat Tips

Guidelines for having a great video introduction 
How it Works:
  1. Once you have decided which family profile you'd like to meet, we'll arrange a 3-way video chat to introduce you
  2. We'll establish a time that works for all of us
  3. You'll get a Google calendar invite from us via email
  4. This call is brief (usually 15-20 min) just to break the ice
  5. Agenda for the introduction:
    1. Introductions
    2. Host mom/dad will describe their family, daily routines, hopes, and general expectations
    3. Traveler will introduce themselves, describe their experience in childcare, explain previous travel experience, and express their reasons for wanting to live abroad with a host family
    4. Both Traveler and Host will ask each other a few questions (check out our list to get ideas of what to ask!)
    5. End call
    6. We'll exchange your contact info on WhatsApp
    7. Keep talking! Ask them questions via text, plan another video call, and get to know each other
Choose Good Surroundings
  • What can seen in the background?
  • Consider the image you’re trying to project
  • Make sure everything is clean and tidy and that there aren’t distractions around you
  • Ensure that:
    • The lighting is good
    • Your face is clearly visible
    • You can be easily heard
    • You are indoors
Look Nice
  • Put in the extra effort to properly dress yourself head to toe 
  • You will feel more professional and exude that confidence
  • However, the focus will be on your face; be sure to look nice
Be aware of your body language
  • Look directly at the camera lens, rather than at yourself especially when you’re speaking 
  • This exudes the impression that you’re looking right at the person you’re speaking with and that you’re focused on them and the conversation
  • Although it’s easy to look away when answering questions, try to keep your eyes on the camera
  • Also, refrain from touching your face and hair as this doesn’t look professional
Smile and ask questions
  • Host families want their Rome Abroad Travelers to be engaging and energetic with their children
  • Learning English through interaction with a boring person is no fun for anyone
  • How you act on the video call will largely affect their impression of you
  • Smile and be friendly. (Smiling will also help you feel less nervous!)
  • Ask questions to get to know them better
  • Being shy or quiet is going to give your host family the impression that you’re going to be quiet and shy with their kids 
  • So relax, be yourself, and engage with them

Be prepared to describe yourself! Here are some possible topics:
  • Where you're from
  • Your family, friends, and pets
  • Your hobbies, any special skills, passions, or talents you have
  • Your interests in sports, music, books, movies, etc.
  • What kind of work you've done or are currently doing
  • What you're currently studying or what you studied in school
  • Details about your childcare experience (kids' ages, duration, and type of care)
  • Your plans for the future
  • Your motivation for wanting to live abroad! 
Send a follow-up text message
  • After we’ve said our goodbyes and hung up, it’s a great idea to follow up with a quick text message
  • You might say “___, it was so great to meet you and hear about your family! Your kids sound like ____. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and ____.”
WhatsApp/WeChat Profile
  • After our video call, we’ll exchange contact info via WhatsApp (WeChat for China)
    • Note: For China Travelers, the host families usually don't feel the need to have multiple interviews so most likely, there won't be follow up calls/texts​
    • Note: For Australia Travelers, you may have the video call one-to-one (since there is no language barrier)
  • Think of your profile like a type of resume — is it clean?
  • What are you representing in your picture and status?
  • Be sure to have a profile photo!
  • It adds a personal touch to your conversations and will be nice for your host family
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