Where to Go in Italy

You have the weekend off...where should you go? Our Top Places and Spaces

Plan Out Your Trip
  • Check out train/bus times before you plan to go
  • When book Think of ere to go during your limited time in one of the most amazing countries in the world?
  • Here is our list of Top 9 Places in Italy Worth Seeing 
    • In order of what we consider must-sees, then should-sees, then nice-to-sees
    • Consider seeing two places in the same weekend -- for example, you can stop in Pisa to see the Leaning Tower on your way to Cinque Terre. And you can see the beautiful coastal city of Sorrento on your weekend to Pompeii. 
1. Rome
  • From its significant role in history, to its beautiful arts, Rome is breathtaking
  • Best things to see/do:
    • The Colosseum
    • The Pantheon
    • St. Peter's Basilica (go to the roof!)
    • Trevi Fountain
    • The Spanish Steps
    • Piazza Navona and Fountain of the Four Rivers
    • The Vatican Museums (including the Sistine Chapel)
2. Venice
  • We've all heard how amazing Venice is...but it REALLY is
  • ​Best things to see/do:
    • Walk around the streets
    • St. Mark's Square
    • Cathedral
    • Gondola ride (totally worth it!)
3. Florence
  • One of the gems of Tuscany, definitely go there! 
  • ​Best things to see/do:
    • If you love art...
    • ​Palazza Vecchio
    • Piazza della Signoria and Loggia dei Lanzi
    • ​Il Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge)
4. Cinque Terre
  • Aka the Five Lands, or five small villages on the coast of Italy
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site (this means it's worth your time!)
  • Best things to see/do:
    • Hike between the villages
    • We recommend stopping for lunch in Vernazza! 
5. Pisa
  • Quaint town in Tuscany, worth an hour of your time -- and that's all you really need
  • Best things to see/do:
    • The famous Leaning Tower (climb to the top for a handful of euros)
    • Walk along the beautiful streets and the River Arno
    • People watch, take some strolls around town
    • Check out the old city walls, they're beautiful!
6. Amalfi Coast
  • World-famous place for a reason!
  • Best things to see/do:
    • ​Enjoy the sun and beach too
    • Relax
    • Work on your tan
    • Get gelato
7. Pompeii
  • See what life was like hundreds of years ago by walking through the ancient ruins!
  • Preserved by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, this ancient city isn't "beautiful," but it is interesting to look around!
  • Best things to see/do:
    • Walk around listening to Rick Steve's tour of the city

​8. Sorrento
  • Another great place down in the south of Italy. Words are superfluous when trying to describe the serenity and beauty of this place. Just check it out! 
  • Best things to see/do:
    • Walk around listening
9. Siena
  • Located in Tuscany, the historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Beautiful buildings, museums, and great food
  • Best things to see/do:
    • ​Watch Palio, the famous horse race in July
    • Walk around the city
    • Check out some local cathedrals
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