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Day One of May Ladies Visiting!

We woke up early for our short flight from Cagliari to Rome. Once we got to the airport, we found out that we could either take a bus to the main city or take the unrecommended but slightly cheaper option of walking to a small nearby train station and taking the train.

We chose the latter. Although it was a fun little adventure, dodging oncoming traffic, getting scratched by bushes on the side of the road, and wondering if we were in the right spot, I wouldn't recommend it. It was much more of a hassle. And I can't imagine doing it with any sort of luggage (we just had a backpack each).

So don't be a cheapskate. Just take the bus :)

This is us hot and sweaty after we finally made it to the train station!

Then we took the metro to get to our place. Buying tickets for the metro is simple and makes getting around the city so much easier! If you plan it well, using public transportation (as well as Uber) can make your trip smooth, comfortable, and affordable.

One app I used in Rome was Probus Rome: Live Next Bus, Journey Planner. It was pretty helpful in planning trips. However, my preferred method of traveling with public transport is to plan it out when you have wifi using Google Maps. It's super accurate with times, you can add multiple destinations, and it shows you different routes of travel. I love it.

Walking up a very loooong staircase to our apartment!

We booked our fantastic apartment using Airbnb, a really great way to book local places.

Here are a few reasons why I LOVE using Airbnb to travel:

1. It's very affordable. Because you can search and filter by your budget, Airbnb makes finding an affordable place to stay easy. Also, it's not like a hostel because I always feel really crammed in those. You can have the advantage of staying in an affordable place without feeling like a sardine.

2. The Connections. You get to meet locals and other travels in a much more comfortable way. Seriously, I can't describe the number of interesting and helpful conversations we had with locals when we stayed at their homes.

3. Helps out the locals. Another added bonus is that the money is going straight to the local econcomy so you're helping individuals and families just like you! Rather than contributing to a giant, insatiable hotel firm ;)

4. Cozy, comfortable insight to the culture > Characterless Hotel. Staying at a local residence rather than a hotel really does help you feel at home in the country. You're not just a passing-by tourist who scratches the surface by staying in a room with a bed and questionable sheets. Staying at a local's place gives you a cozy, at-home feel that's hard to find elsewhere. Plus, the people around you, the neighborhoods you walk through -- they're all real. Not some calculated real estate.

5. You can save money by eating some meals at home. 'Nuff said. (Don't get me wrong, I am ALL for trying delicious local foods. But every single meal can add up and it's nice to have some pasta at home a night or two.)

Anywho, so later that night we met up with Laura and Diana (Tom's mom and sister) and then we got our sleep so we could wake up the next morning and see all of ROME!!!!

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