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A's First Week in Italy

Here's what A thinks about Italy after her first week there!

What was your favorite part of this week?

My favorite part about my week was just getting to Italy and meeting my host family. Learning about the city they live in and where they come from. Everything is so different here and it's so amazing to see how differently people all over the world live.

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week?

The most challenging part of this week was adjusting to change. I think change is hard for anyone honestly, but being in a whole different country around all new places and people is really challenging. Not having any of my family or friends here is challenging as well.

Tell us about your week!

My first week in Italy was amazing, challenging but very rewarding. Coming to Italy was honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. Being in a whole new place with new faces, and new things is very hard at times but it's also very rewarding. Before coming to Italy I knew very little about this beautiful place.. I knew the things I'd been taught in history and geography class, and I knew that they had great pizza here... But other then that, that was pretty much it.

Being in Milano is like a whole new world for me. There is a huge language barrier so every time I hear someone speak in Italian I'm just in awe because it sounds so beautiful and romantic. But how everyone lives and does things around here is so simple and amazing. Time doesn't exist here, people are so welcoming and loving; and everyone loves to eat! People live in the moment here, they sit down every night for dinner and have 4+ corse meals. They talk, laugh and dance. In America I feel as though that only happens on special holidays or Thanksgiving. Italian people take their dinner time here very seriously, and I appreciate that.

In Milano you have the neighborhoods and then you have the big city. I've been to the city a couple times here now, the city stop is called "Duomo." I take the metro there and my first time to Duomo was just a breath taking experience. The minute you get off the metro stop you go up these stairs and the very first thing you see, well is pigeons... BUT after that you see the famous "Milano Cathedral"... I'm not even kidding I almost started crying when I saw this wonderful cathedral because it's literally so beautiful.

In the city they have lots of fun things to do. Shopping, lots & lots of shopping, plays, street performers, wonderful restaurants and most importantly GELATO! My first week in Milano has been amazing! I've met some amazing people, seen some amazing things, and I've ate the most amazing food! Maybe I might just stay here forever! (:

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