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Visiting Switzerland: A's Third Post From Europe

What was your favorite part of this week?

I feel like that isn't a very fair question because all of my days here are the best. But if I have to choose my favorite part about this week it would be traveling to Switzerland and getting able to see the beautiful Swiss Alps!

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week?

The most difficult part of my week was ITALIAN CLASS! My host mom signed me up for this Italian class which I was super excited about. But when I got into the class I immeditaly felt really discouraged. See, this class has been going on for months now. All the other Au pairs and people in this class were basically fluent in Italian. So me coming into this class was really scary because I literally only know how to say "hello" , "where's the bathroom" and "let's go". I never knew how hard it was to learn Italian. See, the teacher spoke English, but she would never speak English back to me. The whole lesson was taught in Italian. I've been to a couple classes so far and all I've learned is "Apple" in Italian. The teacher will explain something in Italian, but then she won't translate is back to English. So let's just say Italian class is a huge BUST.

Tell us about your week.

My week was great! I'm really wishing I would have gotten my Visa so I could stay out here longer. Everyday is just such an amazing new experience. I wake up every morning excited, feeling like its Christmas morning. Wondering what cool castle or museum I'm going to get to see today, or what new Italian word I'll learn. When people at home see all my pictures of my adventures out here they just tell me how much they wish they could travel, and see all the cool things I'm seeing. But what they don't realize is THEY CAN! It's easier then people make it out to be. Being out here in Europe has made me realize that. When you're 22 years old you should be traveling and seeing the world! Europe is a great place to start because everything is so close out here, and you can go to a different country every weekend.

Like I said before my favorite thing about this week was traveling to Switzerland. From Milan we took a train to the boarder of Italy, our train was 10€. Then from the boarder we hopped on another train that took us not only to Switerland, but to the Swiss Alps. It was so breathtakingly beautiful! It was blue skies, and a wonderful white winter wonderland. I couldn't have asked for a more magical day. We walked around, took some wonderful pictures, got some dinner and of course some Swiss chocolate and then we hopped back on the train and headed back to Milano! In just less then 24 hours I went to a completely different country for less then 100€. Just the fact that that's even possible here is AAAAAMAZING!

Other then going to Switerland, everyday here is a great day. My host mom is still wonderful! Every night she cooks some of the most amazing food. I'm eating so much that i'm pretty sure I'm growing a food baby full of yummy pastas, pizza's& cheese. My host kids are super cute, they are always trying to teach me Italian words. Every night before dinner we have a little Italian lesson of our own. I now know how to say cat, dog and horse. So I'd say my lesson with my host kids is going way better then my actual Italian lessons at school. I'm really loving it here! I can't wait to see what next week brings! I'm planning on going to Paris for the weekend, so I'm sure I'll have some great stories to share when I return!

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