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Voyager à Paris: A's excursion to France

A is now a European travel pro -- here's what she's been up to lately!

What was your favorite part of this week?

My favorite part about my week was going to Paris!

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week?

Honestly there hasn't been a difficult part about this week. It's been pretty great all around! I think the most difficult part is dealing with this jet lag still. I've been in Italy for a little over a month now and for some reason I'm just sleepy all day long. I didn't expect to be this jet lagged so far in to my trip. I've traveled to other countries before and I've never experienced jet lag like this, it's horrible!

Tell us about your week!

My week was great. My host kids are really improving on their English, and I like to think I'm improving on my Italian. This week the kids taught me colors and animals. I couldn't have a conversation with you in Italian yet, but I could for sure tell you which animal is which and the colors of the rainbow. It's really cool to see the kids improving on their English too. It's kind of rewarding to know that you have such a big influence on them(: I took a trip to Paris this past weekend and it was amazing. It still amazes me how close all the countries are to each other and how easily it is to get to country to country. Paris was amazing, I ate lots of yummy crepes, saw all the main attractions and literally felt like I was in a dream. I think my favorite thing about Paris was the Eiffle Tower of course. It's absolutely breathtaking. Its especially cool at night because it's all lit up and then every hour on the hour it literally sparkles. It's amazing! Even though I loved Paris it's nice to be back home in Italy with my host family. I feel like they're my 2nd family honestly, and when I take weekend trips I miss them. My time in Italy has gone by so fast, too fast! I really wish I would have gotten my visa and stayed for a year or so. I love it out here! Yes I miss my family and friends but honestly if I didn't have to go home, I'd think I could live here for a while!(:

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