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M in the Mountains

What was your favorite part of this week? My favorite part about this week was getting to spend (just a little) time with my host grandma and my host mom. Both in different situations, but everyone is always very busy and usually the whole family is around, so to get to spend some time alone with both women was really fun for me. It was nice to just have a conversation and relax a little. 

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? The hardest part of my week (as silly as it sounds) was sleeping! Normally my weekly challenge is something more interesting, but I'm being honest here. I just could not get a good nights rest to save my life. This posed challenges of its own-it was harder to be patient and focus. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. After dinner, I cleaned everything up, and did all the dishes by hand. 

Tell us about your week! I had a mixed week! Some good, and some challenging moments. As I mentioned before-I had a really hard time sleeping this week and that in itself was difficult for me. I felt slightly less patient, and it was harder for me to focus-meaning I had to work harder to close that gap. I was feeling a little frustrated because I didn't know how to help myself, but we made it! I had my first experience with the Italian healthcare system! I have been having a lot of pain in my elbow when I bend it and so I went to visit the family doctor. He spoke perfect English which was a huge relief for me! The healthcare system here is fantastic and really focused on just proving help to those who need it. I felt relieved that I had such an easy time getting help while abroad. 

This weekend, I went with my host family and we spent our time in the mountains! Coming here from Utah, this was a big deal. I had missed the mountains back home, so it was amazing to experience that here in Italy. It turns out, we were basically on the border of Switzerland which I thought was cool. We hiked to the VERY top of where the trails led and wow....climbing a mountain just makes you feel accomplished. I'm really glad I was able to experience a different side of Italy compared to the city, and I am excited for my next spot...ROME!  

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