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S Travels to Elba, Rome, and Florence

What was your favorite part of this week? Many new and exciting things happened.

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Saying goodbye to first family I was staying with.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  Took out the trash and cleaned up whenever I could.

Tell us about your week! Before leaving Fabio and Francesca's family, I got the chance to visit the Island of Elba, which is close to Venturina. I took a ferry to the island and spent all day Saturday and Sunday there. It was a great island to explore. I love the history of Napoleon Bonaparte, and there are some forts on the island that I loved visiting where he stayed for some time. Overall, I really loved Elba and the beaches there. Soon after, I left Fabio and Francesca's family. I loved the time I spent there, they were so nice to me and Matteo and Nicolo are great kids who are speaking and understanding english better and better. 

I transitioned over to Luca and Silvia's family with their son, Federico. I have only been with them a few days, however, I have loved being with their family. They are awesome. The Italians in general that I've met are really caring and loving and they have treated me so well.

Lastly, this last weekend I had the opportunity to visit both Rome and Florence with V, and it was an amazing trip. I have already visited Rome (the very first weekend I arrived in Italy) but even so, I saw many new places, including the Vatican City. Rome is such an amazing city.

Florence was also a great adventure. We got to see The David by Michelangelo, among many other of the famous Florence sites. I particularly loved the Michelangelo square that overlooks the city. It is such an amazing view of the entire city.S  

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