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Enjoying the South of Italy: J's Last Week

What was your favorite part of this week? Meeting up with my dad!

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Trying to keep the kids happy. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. Going to the blue grotto. 

Tell us about your week!  This week flew by just like the last one! The family and I went to the beach for a few days out of the week and swam in the pool on the other days. Beach days were my favorite days. But I loved how we were swimming a lot. I love swimming and so do the boys! I think the M and G [the boys of the host family] definitely warmed up to me more as time went on but not a tremendous amount considering the short time we spent together.

I have learned so much on this trip, the main thing being that parenting takes a lot of work. Kids require constant attention and there is little time for personal interests. It has made me realize that preparation for children is extremely important. It has also made me realize that I am not even close to being ready to bring children into this world haha! But I am excited for this new chapter in my life...it's called adulthood!!!

When I get home I will be starting college very shortly, and living on my own in Italy has definitely helped me prepare to live on my own at UVU. And I am very greatful for that! I can't believe my time in Italy has come to an end.

I am so grateful for this experience and the opportunity I had to travel around Italy, learn about the Italian culture, and help children with their English. Although I am sad to be leaving, I am more overwhelmed with joy because I get to go home and see my family! I have never lived on my own before and because of that I am definitely satisfied with the time that I was here. One month was plenty for me. I was able to have an amazing time! But now I am ready to go back home and get settled into my personal lifestyle and routine again.  

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