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Z's Trip to Pisa & Florence

What were you grateful for this week? I'm grateful M and I are able to travel on the weekends! It's been such an incredible experience being able to explore different places and see so many things here in Italy.

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Getting the boys to listen to me, it's difficult because they don't understand me very much and I don't understand them. They play really well together so they aren't interested in playing with me very often.  

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  They boys started school this week and they got out at 12:30 so I've been with them extra this week too. 

Tell us about your week!  This week has been great! M and I did more exploring in Milan, we found the best gelato place yet! We went to Florence and Pisa for the weekend and it was incredible. Florence has such a different fill from Milan, it was reallly cool to see all of the history there.

We went to several museums and of course did some shopping. The leather market was awesome, let's just put it this way, we will both be on the budget the rest of the week haha. We almost missed our train to Pisa, I'm sure some Italians got a good laugh at two American girls literally sprinting through the train station.

Getting the perfect picture is harder then you'd expect but after about a million trys we got some! They boys are getting more used to having me around and I'm finally adjusting to the culture here. They love to use my computer and look up animals to draw and watch a show in English before bed. Hopefully this week they will want to play with me a little more, but I think it has still be really good for them just to be around me and hear me speaking English even though they don't quite understand it yet. 

[My host mom] has been so kind to me, she got me some of my favorite snacks and is always checking on me. They boys are the cutest and I'm so grateful to be here with their family!  

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