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A’s Weekend in Rome

What were you grateful for this week?

The beautiful city of Rome 😍

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week?

Trying to figure out my Italian class. There was a lot of miscommunication and confusion regarding what class and time I needed to go. (It's all figured out now, thankfully:))

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.

I helped watch [my host family's daughter] while my host parents got everything ready to go to Rome.

Tell us about your week!

This week was one of my favorites since being here! I started taking an Italian class in Alba, so hopefully I'll start understanding more. There's two other American girls in my class that are here teaching English at a school. It's nice to get a chance to talk to other American girls since there's not many around here. I only have class twice a week, but I'm excited for it!

On Friday morning my host family and I headed to Rome! It's five hours away; one hour driving to the train station in Turin, and four hours actually on the train. I had never ridden a train before (except for maybe once when I was really young, I don't remember it though). It's a nice, comfortable way to travel.

Rome was absolutely breathtaking. I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did. For some reason I was thinking that Rome was a little overrated. It's not, y'all. It absolutely is not. We stayed in an AirBNB near the Vatican. So after we arrived we went there are walked around. There was a million people there, but it guess that's Rome for ya. There's people everywhere. We didn't get a chance to go inside any of the buildings (the lines were crazy long) but the outsides were beautiful.

We also went to some other piazzas and the Pantheon. On Saturday I stuck around with my host family and we went and threw coins into the Trevi Fountain and walked around a bunch more. We didn't get anywhere fast because we were walking with a 3 year old, but I didn't mind. Everything in Rome is beautiful, even just the narrow cobblestone streets left me in awe. I feel like I could explore Rome forever. Sunday was our last day there. We walked to the Colosseum, but didn't go inside because, once again, the line was way too long. I'll have to plan another trip to Rome, and get places early!

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