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Romeo and Juliet's Town: M2’s weekend in Verona

What were you grateful for this week?

A drivers license!

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week?

My [Italian] class.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.

Coming home from my weekend and getting greeted by the excited little faces of my kiddies :)

Tell us about your week!

This weekend I traveled with C and another au pair to Lake Garda and Verona. We were able to rent a car, and lucky enough that C can drive manual, and booked a B&B just outside of the center of Verona.

The drive was really easy and it was SO nice to be in a car and on open roads instead of the busy streets of the city. Lake Garda is stunning and quiet. We got there in the early evening so the busy part of the day was over. I'm upset that we didn't get to stay longer, but the weekend trips have to be short because travel time takes more than you think! Verona was small and surprising. I never do much background research on places before I go to them, so I'm always surprised but whatever it is that I find there.

Luckily we started our day pretty early, because the later half of the afternoon was full of tourists and larger groups of people. As we all know, Romeo and Juliet 'took place' in Verona (Romeo and Juliet are fictional characters, so it's amazing to me that the city that only inspired the story has fully dedicated themselves to that image), and there is a tiny little corner of the city that is full of names and hearts and locks and keys and letters and a balcony and a statue of Juliet WHOSE BOOB is apparently good luck. So people take pictures of them rubbing her boob, because Shakespeare had more faith in the future of society and didn't think that referencing her 'bosom' once in his play would result in a statue who gets groped approximately 20,000 times a day. I'm sorry Shakespeare, but apparently you gave Verona and the rest of the world a little bit more than it could handle. I did enjoy Verona though, I'm grateful to be living in a place so close to so many incredible things.

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