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Verona, Pastries, & Lake Garda: C's Week

What were you grateful for this week?

Getting to know my area so well via bicycle and patisseries.

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week?

Getting the son the study with me.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.

I had to drive the grandmother's car to pick up the children because she was not able to, also cooking for the family more than I am expected.

Tell us about your week!

Every day was a roller coaster! That isn't stopping from the looks of it. The love from my host family grew immensely this week. We of course have been getting along this entire time but this past week they went out of their way to let me know how grateful they are of me and just how much I am appreciated. It was the most heart-warming week yet.

On my afternoon lunch dates with my neighboring au pair, we ate way too much food for our own good! Every day we would get handfuls of different pastries and coffees, all you can eat sushi, or bagels filled with savory items. Would however make up for it by winding our bicycles through every little street and alley way in our small town.

This weekend we decided to change it up and rent a car instead of flying or taking a train. Best idea. 3 of us girls piled into a small car and took off to Lake Garda and Verona where we stayed two nights. Being able to drive freely and stop whenever we wanted was such a luxury. Lake Garda is a big lake so we only got to see a little bit of one small town, which was quaint and had yummy gelato. Verona, of course, we saw Juliet's tower from the play Romeo and Juliet, walked up and down all of the alley ways just adoring the architecture and colors of all the buildings surrounding us, and ate at so so many cafes and patisseries. It was a very nice get away weekend with the girls.

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