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Wine & Shopping: C’s Weekend in Milano

What were you grateful for this week? [The host daughter’s] love and affection. 

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week?  Figuring out the alarm system. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. I helped out extra by working later 4 nights this week.

Tell us about your week!  It was a very busy week! It was my host fathers birthday and they had three festivities set up for it. Which meant so much cake :) also other errands that kept us all busy which made the week go by fairly quickly. 

When I first got here I could not cook at all, the kitchen was foreign territory. I am required to cook small simple meals for the children everyday which I am given instructions for daily (good thing or it would not be pretty), and now I am more confident in my cooking skills! I wouldn't say I am a master chef now but at the very least can cook meat and pasta comfortably, which is such an accomplishment. This weekend I went to Milan and got to have a sleep over with M2! We started off by exploring a different part of the city then stopped for a glass of wine, followed by some shopping at the duomo which has the best and most stores of any place I've seen. Went and had some yummy dinner followed by more wine and a quiet night in watching movies. The next morning we started it off right by going shopping, then some more wine. All day we shopped and explored and drank wine and ate amazing italian cuisine. That night I had to go home, so it was a short weekend trip but a much needed one. Thank you Italy for your yummy foods and amazing shops! 

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