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Living the Milan Life: M’s Thoughts

What were you grateful for this week? That I went out with M2 and C! 

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Adjusting to being by myself. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. [My host mom] always helps [her daygher] after dinner so I do the dishes for the family. 

Tell us about your week! 

Just another week of living my best life in Milan! Lately I've just been staying in, doing yoga, drinking coffee and writing and it's been amazing! 

I usually spend my morning making breakfast and doing laundry but I make myself get exercise by walking to the Brera gardens every morning! The Brera is a museum/school and in the back they have a beautiful, huge garden. It's nice to sit back there and read and have some quiet time outside! 

This weekend I went out with M and C and we had so much fun! I got caught not having a ticket on the tram though and had to pay a €36 fine! So lesson learned just pay the €1.50 for the ticket haha. M, C and I went and got colorful wigs and put glitter on our faces for Halloween weekend! Had to get in the spooky spirit! I didn't realize how much I would miss not really celebrating it this year!

[My host family’s daughter] is continuing to improve daily. She is the sweetest little girl. Shes constantly hugging me and wanting to play — it's been great seeing our relationship become stronger! She has her fall break this week so we will be spending a lot of time together this week! 

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