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N’s Second Week in Rome 🏟

What were you grateful for this week? A whole week to get out and explore the beautiful city of Rome and that my host family offered to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving even thought they don't really celebrate it here. So thoughtful!

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? This was my first full week in Rome. It is proving to be a little challenging to get past the language barrier at times. Not fluently speaking Italian makes me feel a bit removed when I am walking around but that exposure to the new is one of the big reasons I signed up to come here.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. Getting into the rhythm of the family is what is most important to me right now. With that goal in mind I tried to be a part of all family tasks, take the time to set alarms for schedules, know when we are going where and be a helpful and present member of the family. It is an ongoing process but one of my top priorities. 

Tell us about your week!  I started the week doing a very American thing, I went looking to watch football. Not futbol, that would be much easier to find, but American football. I wanted to do something I felt comfortable doing and knew I could talk about with someone, so I found a bar and set out. I learned a lot on this small excursion: your phone being charged is an absolute must, the trains stop running at midnight, and when faced with a dead phone, no clue how to get home, and a steadily increasing heartbeat, just breathe, think, and it will be okay. Nice guys in camo helped me out, thanks guys! 

I reflected a lot during the week. Thinking about how I am feeling in a place I do not fluently speak the language, finding my way around a public transit system, and adjusting to life here. Now, I certainly can say it can, and will, only get better. I will get better at Italian, I will get better with the bus/metro (whenever it comes!), and I will become comfortable.

I made a very large effort to explore this week. I didn't have a solid itinerary, but I told myself I would not stay cooped up in the house. That isn't why you come to Rome. I went to the Colosseum and read, took photos, journaled. I did the same at the Vatican. I went to a different cafe everyday. I am enjoying seeing the city.

I thoroughly enjoy the idea that I can get up, get dressed, and just mosey on over to something historic. I learned a little more about the city, some touristy places I would like to avoid, and a tad more about myself, some good ol' soul searching.  

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