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M’s Weekend Full of Friends 💙

What were you grateful for this week? New friends!

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Having the whole entire family get sick. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. I feel like my attitude improved a lot and with it, so did everyone else's.

Tell us about your week!  I made a new friend! T, who is also here with Rome Abroad, and I met for coffee on Tuesday and I really enjoyed his company. He's a sweet soul, with this very earnest want to learn and understand things about people and the world. I helped him get a few things set up because he was nervous about not knowing a single word other than Ciao in Italian (not that I'm a whole lot better), and it felt nice to be able to genuinely help someone.

This weekend I decided to stay at home while my family went to the Mountain House. I felt that maybe I should stay back and be a bit social, because I hadn't done anything with any one in quite a while. As good as it was financially to stay put and go where my family goes, it is equally as beneficial mentally to go out and be with other people. 

So on Friday I was able to go out with T and a few friends that he had made, and I had a really good time with all of them. Everyone was very nice, and it was good to be out. On Saturday I went to a really nice dinner with my friend Merina (whom I am ETERNALLY grateful for, she has been my rock since C had to go home), and then we went to a club with some of our Dutch friends, and somehow didn't leave until 5 am. ???? I was so grateful to see my family when they came home late on Sunday evening! I am already looking forward to spending another weekend at the Mountain House.  

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