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N’s Trip to the Vatican 💒

What were you grateful for this week? Getting the chance to see the Vatican museum this weekend.

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Dealing with a medical issue. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. I cooked for the family on multiple occasions this week so they could try a dish I love to cook for my family back home.

Tell us about your week!  Right now, my week is very overshadowed by my trip to the Vatican. It is sad but I have spent two and a half months here and I live close to the Vatican and I haven't been inside the museum. I finally got the chance to go and got to see the Sistine Chapel, the Basilica, and got to go up in the dome. It was a breathtaking view and a gorgeous day to go. Standing that high up, closing your eyes, and taking a deep breathe brought such serenity to me. It was peaceful and quiet despite all the other people around me. The gardens and grounds were stunning as well. I have been kicking myself ever since that I didn't see it sooner. 

The rest of the week was very routine: sports, homework, and making dinner mostly but I am doing my best to savor every moment I can as my time remaining dwindles. I try to make every day matter somehow. In a smile or a joke or a story for them to remember, I just want to make that day count. 

I still have plenty on my list so it looks like the next two weeks will be very very full. Trips to the sea, other cities, one last wander around without a map. Who knows what these last 14 days will afford me.  

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