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M’s 5th Month With Her Italian Family 🎉🇮🇹😘

What were you grateful for this week? Pietro. 

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Taking on MORE responsibility. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. Taking on the extra responsibility. 

Tell us about your week! So we have had a lot of changes in the house (good ones), which has meant a little bit of adjustment here and there and picking up the slack where/if you can. I've always kind of felt as though there is more that I could do to help the family, so I'm happy that I am able to do so now. 

This month is also the last month that [my host mom] won't have to work, so she's going to start traveling a lot when March starts. Which means it's smarter for me to learn how to do as much as I can now, so that I'm not scrambling to find my way when it comes time for her to go. The traveling that she gets to do is so inspirational, and she's able to bring her family (and me) along for a lot of it, so although I was a little bit scared/stressed about the thought of it in the beginning, I'm adjusted now and I'm actually really excited!

I've now been here for five months, and I have no idea how that much time has gone by so quickly. It's amazing that I am STILL learning and STILL progressing, but I am so pleased with where I am and I'm excited to see what there is to come. My Italian progress needs a bit of a push I think, so I'm really putting forth a lot more effort than I was (which I honestly didn't think was possible), and trying to let go of the fear of being wrong or sounding stupid. 

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