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Living the Milano Lifestyle: T’s Week

What were you grateful for this week? I am grateful for the people I have met that remind me that I'm not the only American trying to find his way in Italy right now struggling with the language.

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? I don't feel like there was anything super difficult about this week besides resisting buying all the yummy food I see in shop windows on the street. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. This week some friends of my host brother came over after school and spent a few hours here playing with each other. I hid a ton of American candy, that I had brought with me to Italy, throughout the house and had the boys go on a treasure hunt to find it. Although they lost interest very quickly, it was fun for them to do. 

Tell us about your week! Last week was my first week of school here in Italy and it was so nice to finally start officially learning Italian. There are only about 8-10 students in my class and the teacher is very nice and helpful. I really enjoy going to my Italian class because I really wanted to start learning the language. It is difficult to live here in Milan for 6 months without knowing the language. 

I have been here for almost a month now and have finally figured out how the underground metro works! I plan on getting a month pass for 22 euros which will save me a ton of money in the long run. 

On Friday with my Italian friend and my American friends I went to a bar and then to a house party for the first time in Italy. We stayed out very late and it was extremely cold but it was fun in the end. On Saturday with my Italian friends I went to get Domino's Pizza because they had never tried it even though it is right by their house. After we went back to Duomo and spent time in the plaza there. On Sunday I went to an Italian food place with my Italian friend and we got some pizza. Then we took it to a nearby canal to eat and go people-watching. We ended up walking all over town and went into some stores.  

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