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What were you grateful for this week? All of the friends I have made here!

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? I had a few girls over at the house before we went out for the night. My host mom got pretty mad at me that I didn’t let her know beforehand. I thought it was casual and fine and wasn’t told otherwise. I should’ve given her a heads up, cause now idk if there’s some weird tension. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  This week the grandparents came over. I really made it a point to get to know them and ask them questions about their life. 

Tell us about your week! 

This week was great!! I experienced real night life in Milan and it was so fun. I went with a group of my friends and we partied all night. I felt kinda old when we first went out (they’re all 18) because it was so late haha but it was a great time. I saw more parts of Milan as well by walking around with some new friends I met. 

One of my friends from college was in Milan on a business trip, so I met up with him for a few hours! It was nice to see a familiar face from home. 

After the party night, I got ready to head out for my 10 day backpacking trip! I’m with another Au Pair who is from the east coast. So far we have been to Nice and Monaco. It is absolutely beautiful here!!! The water is so blue, the architecture is amazing, and the city is so clean and full of nice people. 

Something interesting I have realized is that I kind of wish people here spoke Italian, because I actually can communicate with people there rather than in French haha. 

We will be heading to Barcelona tomorrow night, and Istanbul on Friday. It’s fun traveling but also nice having a home base. Crazy that my home base is still in a dope European city! 

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