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Trevi Fountain & Villa Borghese: 🍃 C’s Life in Rome

What were you grateful for this week? For nature and the beauty of all things green and floral.

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? This week, directions were challenging.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. It was the youngest boy's birthday so I stayed up late to blow up balloons for him to wake up to a birthday surprise.

Tell us about your week!  This week was a very chill week. I learned a lot more about living in Rome and less about being a tourist here. I went shopping through some local stands on the streets, and walked around in the outside market looking at the vibrant colors of fruits, vegetables, fresh flowers, lemon trees, and the less vibrant colors of the meat tents.

There was a couple of rainy, cloudy, and downright ugly days where I went down the street to the local bar to enjoy a cappuccino and a view of a soggy world around me.

I got lost more than a couple times, sometimes when I was in a rush and sometimes when I had the time to enjoy being lost. I happened upon the Spanish Steps while trying to find the Trevi Fountain, and happened upon the Villa Borghese gardens while trying to find the Spanish Steps.

The Spanish Steps had a beautiful outlook on the city with the famous fountain at the end, and little shops and tents surrounding the square.

The Villa Borghese gardens....were a fairytale. I've never been more in love with something my whole entire life. Everywhere you walk is greenery, baby flowers, statues, old buildings, fountains, a theatre, a lake, parks, tourists taking pictures, locals going for a midday jog, men playing guitars and trumpets. I almost cried, being overwhelmed with the feeling of peace, tranquility, and utter happiness. The park was so large, [even] with the amount of people there I did not feel crowded.

I visited the Trevi Fountain again at night to toss in my coin and wish myself to travel back to Roma. It's extravagant at night and during the day with the statues and the pouring water. I even tossed in a couple extra coins to help make the wish more hopeful (plus I heard all the money goes to a good cause).

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