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🍑 Feeling at Home: A’s Week

What were you grateful for this week? S, the little girl in my host family. Or little monkey as her nickname has come to be.

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Grocery shopping. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. I did the grocery shopping this week and it was fine untill I needed to order the procciouto from the meat counter. Thankfully, the lady spoke a little English and even though it was the wrong kind it tasted fine on the pizza we made.

Tell us about your week!  Last week was just a chill week. Worked on making arrangements for trips this next week. This week I really enjoyed hanging out with S. 

Coming from a big family I knew coming to live with a single child was going to take some adjusting because those kids are used to being in charge. We are finally getting to the point were she isn't upset with me for splitting her parents attention. 

She’s like another one of my siblings now. We color, play hairdresser, doctor and magic show together. It's been so great to get hugs before bed and know even if just for a little time I get to be part of her growing up! 

We are very similar personality-wise and it's fun to do things together. We especially enjoy doing gymnastics together. We always give papino a heart attack with our tricks but I think it's good for him, keeps him young you know 😂 I hope the weather stays nice so we can go to the park a few more times. 

It's been kinda funny to realize Canale is just the Italian version of my hometown. Small and unique. Both have little peach festivals during the year to celebrate their local agriculture. You always run into someone you know at the store or while you're on a walk. I really enjoy that. Makes it feel less like I'm lost out in the middle if nowhere and more like I'm part of a new community! 

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