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😎A’s Trip to France & Milan

What were you grateful for this week? Google Maps. Would not manage without it.

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week?

Felt like I kept running out of time. The days passed too quickly to get done what I wanted and I think I need to work on my time managment. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  At the end part of last week/The begining of this week me and my host family went on holiday to Menton in France. In efforts to keep little minkey coperative I let her listen to Let it go in my earbuds. Those who know me well can attest to the statment that I HATE sharing so this proves monkey is helping me work on my fatal flaw.

Tell us about your week!  So this last week I had an adventure to Milan. I feel like every Rome Abroad Traveler goes to Milan so I was hoping to see more than the Famous Duomo. I stopped by and it truly was breathtaking. 

I was a little annoyed at the men trying to trick you into buying their braclets because they were very pesky. When I say trick I mean they will give people these braclets or drape it on your wrist, then demand a payment. But compared to the whole experience I am grateful that was the worst of it. 

Then I found my way to The Colonne di San Lorenzo. These were a neat little find in the middle of the cement jungle of Milan. Then I hustled to the highlight of the trip, the Arco del Pace. This is all the way up close to the Sempione Park. It is a charming little park, lots of cool monuments and view of the Castle. I loved the Arch. It was so beautiful and I was so grateful I had good lighting for pictures. I had bought a nice new Cannon Camera for my trip here and when I got to the airport back home I finally reliazed I had forgot it. It was too late to go home and get it so this whole time I have been bummed to not have it. But thankfully my cellphone has come through and helped me capture some of my favorite memories! 

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