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What were you grateful for this week? Bluetooth speakers. They greatly assist in our improptu after dinner dance parties. 

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? I realized I have less than 3 weeks left and I really can't imagine not seeing my family everyday. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. We were getting ready for a family and friends party for all the birthdays we have had the last few days. Monkey was not in the mood to take a nap so to help her fall asleep I scratched her back for seriously 25 minutes untill she was out. But I love her enough to deal with the hand cramp. 

Tell us about your week!  So the very beginning of this week we were still in France spending time on the beach. I could not believe how blue the water was. I don't know how I got so lucky to have experiences like that. Seriously I can't stop telling everyone I'm the luckiest girl ever because I want my gratitude to show! 

Then after the trek home we were greeted with more rain. I was bummed but I remember what someone told me, “If we don't get the rain we don't grow the grapes and then what would we do?" Then this weekend we got to go up to the hills in the country house and have friends and family over to celebrate little Monkeys birthday. 

One of the neighbors was nice enough to sit next to me and use the conversation setting on google translate and have a conversation with me. How cool is it that two people who barely know how to speak the others language can still fully understand eachother from a little app. Crazy to me. 

Then we brought out the cakes and I was so suprised because there was one for Monkey and one for me! I feel so humbled to be loved so openly by this family and I'm so grateful for all the things they've done to help me be comfortable and just enjoy this experience to the fullest! 

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