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🇫🇷K visits Paris!

What were you grateful for this week? Walking and biking EVERYWHERE! What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Not being able to go outside because it was quite rainy during the week. Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. Cleaned the house and the kids’ room! Tell us about your week! The kids didn’t have school Monday or Tuesday so I got to hangout with them for the beginning of the day. They are getting very good at English and I’m picking up on Italian as well! Getting them to do homework is sometimes a struggle but I can tell how smart they really are when they do do it. It’s cool to see how they learn things vs. how I learned it when I was that age. The rest of the week was normal. Getting the kids ready for school and picking them up at school. On Friday my family left for another ski trip and M came over to have a nice homemade dinner! On Saturday M and I left for our weekend trip to Paris! We decided to take the train from the airport to our Airbnb and holy crap. That was an experience and a half! We met a very cool guy from Paris who told us some great info on places to go and things to see. He helped us a lot with where to get off and from there what metro we take. We walked around underground hoping we were taking the right turns and SOMEHOW we emerged out of the correct metro line and were surrounded by beautiful architecture. We got to our place and when we opened the door the window overlooked all the rooftops of Paris. It was so beautiful! Unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And at night it was lights and music playing from the streets below. We walked around and had some AMAZING food, saw some AMAZING building and just enjoyed the energy Paris exudes. Eiffel Tower at night should be on everyone’s bucket list...no matter how cliche it is! Beautiful week in beautiful places.

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