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👩🏼‍🎨M’s Take on Venice

What were you grateful for this week? The sunshine, it’s so warm here now!

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Haha figuring out the train system (still). 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  I try to clean the house before and after I leave to go out. Tidy a few things up just to help out a little extra.

Tell us about your week!  Okay so we went to Venice over the weekend, and man I have never been to a city with so much history enriched in everything! The architecture, canals, statues! Just wow! You have no words to describe the feeling, I was in aww the entire weekend. The culture is so beautiful, and so much love from the people. 

We went to an island off of Venice by boat. It’s the most colorful city in all of Italy apparently, CRAZY! The houses are green, blue, pink, purple, red! It makes your soul so dang happy just walking around! All of the shops were filled with puppets, masks, and embroidery. Beautiful trinkets as well. The blown glass was really cool too! 

Our first day in Venice we got lunch at this cute little restaurant we came upon. It was owned by one guy who served us amazing risotto and white wine. Best dang thing I’ve ever had! He was really sarcastic so we messed around with him the whole time, it was so fun! I hope to go back one day and hope he still runs that place. 

We ate tons of gelato (like always) with delicious pistachio and fudge pastries! We saw the craziest street art and beautiful oil paintings. Things you never get to really see in the U.S and this stuff was everywhere! We also walked through some eccentric art museums, saw some wild stuff. Venice is defiantly at the top of my list💓 

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