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Host Perspective: R’s Week

What was your favorite part of this week? I really like it when I see my au pair with my kids and they talk all together. 

What was challenging part about this week?  When my little son is very tired and he cries, doesn't listen and he is difficult to manage. 

Tell us about your week! C now is in habit with our routine and the little G likes go to the park even if he doesn't play with the other kids! He likes the slide and understands basic English. My second son likes to talk about soccer with her and my oldest son about music and to talk about funny things! We finished our week with a magic trip in Elba Island, we really hope C liked it even if her skin burns a little bit now!

Unfortunately our time together is almost finished! I'm very sorry because C has been a talkative girl and the kids learned

a lot with her! Thank you C!

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