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😭 M2’s Last Week in Italia

What were you grateful for this week? My family coming to Italy!

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Getting everything ready to go home :(

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. Since my family got to come to Italy, I had them bring some American goodies for my host family :) B loved it :)

Tell us about your week!  This was my last full week in Italy! I can’t believe I have already been here almost 2 months! It has flown by and have definitely been some of the most rewarding and fun times! 

My family came this week and I was able to meet them I’m Rome for the weekend! Rome is so so hot but is FULL of amazing history and architecture. I have never been so amazed by a city before. You know when you see things in pictures and then when you see it in real life it seems smaller than you imagined? Well I’m Rome that is not the case. Everything is bigger than I imagined! I loved being able to experience it for the first time with my family. While they see Florence and Pisa, I will spend my last couple of days with my sweet host family! 

I am so grateful for them and am hoping I can come back again and visit. As I reflect back on my two months here, I am so grateful for how much this trip has pushed me outside my comfort zone. Committing to live in a different country with a family you have never met in person before and starting your trip with knowing no one is definitely scary! But I have gained so many new friends, experiences and memories, that I only would have gained if I didn’t push myself to do a hard thing. 

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