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M2’s Week

What were you grateful for this week?  Friends. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  I went out of my way to teach the kids a new card game.

Tell us about your week!

This week not much has happened. It’s been a great week, but nothing too extraordinary or out of the blue. I have really been getting excited about the relationship that I am building with each one of the kids. They are each so funny and sweet. I am grateful that they are finally getting used to me and feeling comfortable with me. Instead of asking someone else for something or for help, they have started asking me instead. I have set a standard with them that whenever they need something or want to ask for something that they need to say please and thank you. 

At first it was a little bit of a struggle and now everything that comes out of their mouth is “Please, M. Thank you, mariel.” It’s great to hear and see that they are living up to the standard that was set for them. The English has been a struggle since the beginning because they really do not know almost any, but the more I talk to them, the more they are beginning to pick up on things. It’s a little challenging because I have tried different things like flash cards, games, talking to them; I’ve even tried creating a few lessons and doing presentations and then I have them play a game and take a quiz. They still seem to not really be picking up on it, but we’ll keep trying. They’re great kids and we have a lot of fun, so that’s what matters. 

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