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🍑Exploring Monte Argentari: C’s Week

What were you grateful for this week? This week I am grateful for showers!! My family and I go out on their boat almost everyday and when we don’t, I go to the beach so I’m super glad I have a place where I can shower and rinse off the sand and salt water at the end of the day!! It’s something we don’t even think about but we definitely take advantage of having running water!! What was the most challenging or difficult thing this week?  The most difficult thing this week was probably trying to juggle finishing some assignments for my masters program without WiFi and still spending time with the children. Nothing too serious or challenging this week as we are at my host family’s beach house in Tuscany for the month of July! Real rough life here😜 Tell us about a “wow” moment you had this week.  A wow moment this week was actually today when my host mom was busy taking the children to their tennis practices this morning and when she came back I had cleaned the kitchen for her and she was super surprised and grateful that I did it because it saved her that much more time. Tell us about your week! This week I explore Monte Argentario a little more. Because we are on the island off the coast of Tuscany, it’s super small so I was able to walk to the beach a couple times this past week and it was amazing!! It was seriously like a dream! I rented a beach chair with an umbrella, read a book, tanned, and went swimming. So relaxing and so fun!! The first time I went, I walked home afterwards and on my way home i stopped at a fruit vender and bought some nectarines. It was so hot and so humid that I literally ate the nectarine with my hands like candy and had sticky hands the rest of the way home! It was soooooo good!!

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