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☀️100% Worth It: K’s Week

What were you grateful for this week? So so much! The chance to explore Rome more, getting to meet up with the other girls, the beauty of Cinque Terre...

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Navigating the completely unmarked, unannounced, and unhelpful train transfers to get to the coast!

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. 

My family has been on vacation for the whole week except today, but one thing I've been really working on with the kids is cleaning up as they play instead of getting more and more things out. Today L was so excited to be the responsible older brother that not only did he tidy up, he was actually excited for me to help him organize and clean all his toys!

Tell us about your week!  I got to see even more of Rome this week. I spent a lot of time in several churches and cemeteries and they were all so lovely and peaceful in the middle of this bustling city. I also finally saw Piazza Navona in the evening and wow it is just as beautiful and magical as everyone said. I'll definitely be going back there, and to Trastevere to walk along the river more. I love being here long enough that I get to really experience the city, not just check off the tourist sites. 

For the weekend I met up with V and A2’s

in Cinque Terre and it could not have been more perfect. It was insanely hot and humid, I'm super tired, my legs are crazy sore, my shoulders are sunburned, and it's all 100% worth it. The towns were all so picturesque we had to keep stopping to let it sink in that it was really real and we were really there. We ate a lot of local food, pesto and seafood and lemons, climbed about a million stairs to see some amazing views, and shopped and window shopped up and down delightful mainstreets.

Our day at the beach was glorious. We opted for Vernazza instead of the more popular Monterosso and we're all so glad we did! It wasn't as crowded, the water was ideal, we didn't have to deal with sand or fees, and our boat tour of the coast was the highlight of the trip! 

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