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🚞Verona & Train Trips: A4’s Week

What were you grateful for this week? * Grateful for Google translate. 

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Transportation in Italy! My train was cancelled and it was 10pm, I was stranded!

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. Walked the kids home after gelato because my host mom had to go grocery shopping!

Tell us about your week! This week we drove home from the beach house and it was so beautiful! I was sad to leave all of my new friends I made in Tuscany but hopefully we will get to meet up again soon. My host mom had an extra day off of work so she took me into Milan and it was seriously amazing, we had lunch on the terrace with a view of the duomo! 

Oh and did I mention we were able to make tiramisu and gnocchi toghether? They were both pretty yummy but maybe gnocchi just isn't my favorite kind of pasta. 

On Saturday I woke up extra early to catch my train to Verona, this was seriously a nightmare. I ended up taking the wrong train and started heading toward Lake Como, from there I tried to take the train to Verona but was stopped by the conductor. I was forced to buy a new train ticket and when I got to the Milan central station I was told I had to wait for a regional train which didn't come for another hour and a half. I finally caught the train and met E in Verona and I was only 6 hours late....

Verona was beautiful. E and I were able to visit Juliet’s balcony, tour her house and even write a letter to her! It started to rain pretty hard in Verona, so E and I shopped for a little bit and went back to the train station because we both decided to do just a day trip to Verona. On my way home I told myself that I would be on time and pay close attention to where the train is headed. I had a train switch in Bergamo and my train I was supposed to transfer to in Bergamo was cancelled...just my luck. I was so upset there was one last train going the way I needed to in an hour which was 10:30 pm. 

I tried to ask other travelers if they were headed on the same train, turns out the only other couple there only spoke italian. I used Google translate to communicate with them and I sat next to them on the train! I was on the train and I met some people from Atlanta, Georgia! It was so nice to talk to them, I finally made it to my train station and it took me about 1 hour to drive home. 

On Sunday I had planned to go to Switzerland but I was so over public transport that I stayed home on Sunday. It worked out though I spent the day with my host family and we went to Monza, it was fun!

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