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E’s Last Weekend

What were you grateful for this week? My host family. 

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Saying goodbyes & having a lot a of “lasts.”

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. A “Wow” moment I had this week would have to be when I painted them a picture, framed it, and bought them a thank you gift. 

Tell us about your week! This week was really good! The kids & I spent a lot of time together, and I tried to soak in all the last moments I got to have with them. Since it was my last week, I spent almost every night hanging out with friends for the last time. It broke my heart to say goodbye to a few of them. That is the one thing that makes this experience SO difficult for me. I adjust really well to different places, and Italy has become home to me. I now have people & places that I love here, and it makes it really hard to say goodbye. Anyway, my plans for the weekend didn’t go as planned, so my family was so kind to invite me to their house in the mountains. I truly could say a million great things about this trip! I got to drive over with my Italian grandparents, and my host parent’s niece. 

They were so kind to me, and would stop the car every few miles (without me asking) so I could take pictures! We had a very nice lunch, and took a long walk along the river. On our walk, we passed a beautiful lake, a massive waterfall, many villages, and we even got rained on. It was SO beautiful! 

Then, once we made it back to their house, my host mom and dad took me on a walk to this beautiful church that over looks the valley. It was such a nice, last, day with my host family.  

Then to end the weekend, my host mom and I went shopping at biggest mall in all of Italy, and then I went into Milan one last time and said my goodbyes. I am truly going to miss this beautiful city. 

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