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🔥Fire Train Ride, 🍦Gelato, & 🌾Views: O’s First Week

What were you grateful for this week? My own room and my own bathroom and the view from the yard.

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Feeling like I wasn't helping them learn english right away.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  I wrote a secret google translate note to my littlest girl in my host family about how nice she looked. She really liked it and I could tell it helped our bond.

Tell us about your week!  It was my first week here!! That was so crazy. K2 and I showed up on Wednesday and the train ride was insane, it was beautiful watching the scenery go by.

We got dropped off by our train in a random town because the track caught on fire. We had to wait for busses to come and get us to shuttle us up to the station where my host mom was waiting! She was amazing. She took K and I to the house because K was staying with me for the first little bit. 

The house is gorgeous and the view is insane. I can't deal with how in love I am with the whole thing, it kills me. K and I have had gelato everyday, and talking with my host family is only getting better. We laugh a lot. 

Since I only had one official day to teach them english before my days off, it's been really relaxing, and mostly get to know you things. We had dinner tonight with my host mom’s mother and she was lovely, real Italian cooking is where it is at! I'm obsessed with the food. 

We went to church in Livorno, and then went to Pisa today, it was beautiful and kind of crazy. We keep having to say to each other "are we really here?" because we are, and it’s gone fast, but it feels like we've been here forever too. We also hiked up to the medieval town next to my house and that was just amazing. It all is. 

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