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💦M3’s Week in the Emerald Coast

What were you grateful for this week? The girls are speaking more and more, and G2 is started to ease up on her shyness of not being as vocal as G1. 

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week?  Sometimes there is a bit of a struggle with G2 in the sense that she hasn’t taken to me as quickly as G1. She often gets upset over things I do to try to help her, and pushes me away. It’s hard for me not to take it personally, but I try to take a step back and realize it will take some time. 

Tell us about a “wow” moment you had this week.  My host parents are party people! (Which I love.) We’re constantly hosting somebody it seems like. Though it’s nothing amazing, when they have friends and family over, I try my best to help throughout and after the party (preparing food, cleaning, dishes, etc.) so that there is less of a burden on them. I think it helps a little bit. 

Tell us about your week!  Coming to you from the Turkish blue water of the emerald coast. The water is the most spectacular part of Sardinia. It’s just simply gorgeous! This week has been very relaxing and easy going. We basically live in our swimsuits. We’re either swimming in the pool, at the beach, on the boat, eating something delicious, or laying under the air conditioner inside. There’s not much to complain about. The girls are speaking more and more English with me each day, and that is so fun and rewarding for me to see. 

We were enjoying some gelato in town one evening and a woman introduced herself and her daughter. The mother overheard us speaking English, so she asked G1 if she spoke English. G1 replied yes and then the mother told her that her daughter also spoke English. They proceeded to have a conversation in English! When the mother finally asked “Where are you from?” The girls replied “Oh we’re from Roma.” The mother was stunned and they all laughed because this family was also Italian. Each day is a learning and growing experience for me with the girls. I’m grateful for the ups and downs because it is teaching me a lot about how to handle the ever-so-present drama little girls have. I now wonder how my Mother ever dealt with me ;) I’m very fond of [my host mom’s and dad’s] patience with the girls. I hope that I can become the same with my children someday. Anyways, we’re here for another week. Although I love a beach vacay, I’m ready to be back on the mainland...after all I’ve pretty much kept Nivea Sunblock in business....

I’m secretly hoping that we can spend a few days back in Rome before heading to their seaside home in Circeo—yes another seaside home... 

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