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😄K’s First Week in Italy

What were you grateful for this week? This week I'm grateful for FaceTime and photos of my loved ones from home.

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? The most challenging part of this week is conquering jet lag, a terrible head cold, and following the day to day without a schedule.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  I try to help out [my host mom] as much as possible, as long as I know her expectations so that I can do things the way she likes. Last night she prepared dinner for [her daughter] and me before she picked up [the family’s son] from soccer practice. She asked me to cook the salmon she had prepared for the two of them to have for dinner once they came home. Once she texted me and told me practice was running late, I tried to clean up the kitchen and set up the table to make it look as nice as possible when they came home so they could sit down and eat as soon as possible without having to prepare anything else.

Tell us about your week!  I feel like this week has been a little bit crazy because there is so much going on. So far my favorite part has been meeting up with S for coffee in the city center. It felt like a dream walking the streets of Italy and I was mindblown when I realized that I already felt familiar with the streets of Gallarate. I'm slowly learning basic Italian and I feel like I can keep up with the fundamentals of the conversations that my family has in the house. I no longer feel like I'm an outsider who can't understand the discussion and hearing a language I don't understand no longer feels like a challenge, it's pretty cool hahaha. I'm keeping a list of the words I learn every day so that I can look back on them if I need to.

I currently have a head cold so hanging out around the kids has been pretty challenging, I'm trying not to get them sick and the virus takes so much of my energy. I mostly watch them play soccer together outside or write out some sheets of English they can practice and I can look it over once they're through. 

We've been playing with these minion collectible toys all week and it's actually really fun! I wish we had something like it in the US because they're very similar to box tops. I know I would've been more motivated to collect box tops if they came with spunky popular toys. 

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