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🎆Australians Have More Fun: K’s Week in Brisbane 🎇

What were you grateful for this week? New friends! 

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week?  Temper tantrums. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  I only had the youngest for the week so I was able to spend one on one time with her!

Tell us about your week!  My favorite part about this week were the thunder storms. It was absolutely insane hearing and seeing how hard the rain comes down, it’s like you’re really in the jungle! Almost all of the roofs in my neighborhood are made with metal so it’s so relaxing hearing the pitter patter. It didn’t rain as bad as it can though, there’s times when you can’t even hear the TV because the rain and thunder is so loud!! 

It was also the last week of the Brisbane festival, so of course I had to go get my last meal from the fair and watch the riverfire show! They light off fireworks for about 30 minutes to celebrate brissy. It was my friend Chloe’s birthday last week, so we got tickets for a concert in valley, it was on Sunday and SO much fun. Australians really do have more fun than back home. 

During the week I only had to tend the youngest girl because her sister was in the Gold Coast. It was really nice to get one-on-one time with her because 90% of the time she’s just copying what her sister does, I finally got to see how sweet and helpful my little one is! We still have one more week of school holiday left, I’m excited to see how my week will go!  

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