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🏛C’s Roman Weekend

What were you grateful for this week? Having such a cool host family. (I’ll explain why.)

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? making myself get out of bed because it is so warm and it is cold outside 😂😩

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. I cleaned the kitchen for our nanny!!

Tell us about your week! A good week in the books for this home girl. It was mainly like all the other weeks honestly hahah but there were some really cool things that I definitely have to share. 

First of all, my boys have been asking me if we can do English studying, instead of me asking them. In my world, that is seriously so cool. It makes me feel good knowing they truly want to learn and speak and all that jazz. It makes me excited for them! During the week I did not have anything too special take place. It was a calm, normal week. I am getting super attached to my boys and the whole family though! Which is good but also makes me sad to be going home pretty soon. 

On Friday, I had one of my Italian friends over for lunch. My host mom and dad were so cool and let him come over and hangout. After lunch we took the boys to the park and played soccer with them. It was so fun and I am so grateful for such amazing host parents to let me get the best experience possible out of my time here. 

Saturday I met up with S (shocking I know😉) and we went into the palace that we love to pieces but hadn’t yet gone in, for some odd reason. We got some food and stayed out way too late with our friend. 

Sunday we got to paint again, this time at the Spanish steps. We stayed for about two hours!! It was relaxing and nice to just chill for a bit. We also got to go see a piazza which we hadn’t seen yet. We ended the day with some nice McDonald’s (another shock😉). I honestly do not think I will be able to leave (catch me cryin in the club).  

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